About Trinity Church Eindhoven

A Short History

English speaking Christians began meeting for worship in Eindhoven from the 1960s onwards. Church of England records go back to 1961. Trinity Church Eindhoven was formed in 1988 through linking two existing English speaking congregations that were meeting on alternate weeks in the same complex of buildings at the Eikenburg. As of March 2009 Trinity Church has been formally constituted as a chaplaincy within the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe making it part of the global Anglican Communion.  

Trinity Church Eindhoven ("TCE") has always been a church gathering together hi-tech workers, students and cross-cultural families as well as some Dutch folk who want to worship in English. In recent years the church has become home to many young families, often of multicultural make up. Developments in the hi-tech industry are influencing our make up through drawing more people from across Asia as well as students from Africa.

While we fellowship and worship together in English some other languages may also be heard over coffee on a Sunday ranging from Mandarin to Swahili. Similarly the people who gather from across the southern Netherlands and northern Belgium reflect many Christian traditions and bring riches with them. As a church we are committed to openly receive those whom God sends to us. 

What We Believe

Faith is both private and public so what we believe as individuals often remains a curious question.  However what the Pastor and the Official church believes can be read here.

Who's Who in Trinity Church

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