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The 'Sunday Morning Guide' to Trinity Church

Perhaps you're visiting Eindhoven; perhaps you're looking for a spiritual home, a place to grow in; perhaps you've been invited to come along to Trinity Church next Sunday and are wondering what to expect.

In this article you can read a little about Trinity Church's way of worshipping God, and catch a flavour (or perhaps we should say some flavours) of what you might encounter. Though Trinity is fully integrated into the worldwide Anglican Church fellowship, still Anglicanism (also known in the England as the Church of England, but actually with far more members abroad than in the UK) is a very broad church with many different styles of worship. What can you expect at Trinity Church?

Joining In - When It Suits, And When It Doesn't

So, perhaps you’re wondering whether you can enjoy a church which gives you a taste of, but doesn’t regularly provide, your favourite style? How can I get the best out of Trinity Church? Here are some reflections from the experiences of Martin Rae.

Our Venue - What Do We Need?

Where we meet as a church depends on what we believe God has called us to do together. Different churches may have different requirements according to their priorities. So it is appropriate to ask ourselves - What meeting place does Trinity church need to fulfil its call? This question is actually not too difficult to answer. Here are at least the main points of this answered below.