The 'Sunday Morning Guide' to Trinity Church

Martin Rae

Perhaps you're visiting Eindhoven; perhaps you're looking for a spiritual home, a place to grow in; perhaps you've been invited to come along to Trinity Church next Sunday and are wondering what to expect.

In this article you can read a little about Trinity Church's way of worshipping God, and catch a flavour (or perhaps we should say some flavours) of what you might encounter. Though Trinity is fully integrated into the worldwide Anglican Church fellowship, still Anglicanism (also known in the England as the Church of England, but actually with far more members abroad than in the UK) is a very broad church with many different styles of worship. What can you expect at Trinity Church?

Trinity Church is a group of people from many different countries, many different church groups (not just Anglicans), many different feelings of what is 'home' spiritually. Some have worshipped in Trinity for many years, but as an international church a very large part of the congregation is mobile, many have joined very recently, so please don't feel you're the only new person!

What presently works well for Sunday mornings is an alternating pattern of styles which one could describe as 'traditional' and 'informal'.

On half of the Sundays in a month we hold an 'informal' style church service, while on the other half we have a more 'traditional' style worship service generally including Holy Communion (sharing bread and wine as Jesus' body and blood). When there's a fifth Sunday in a month we have an informal service which also has Holy Communion.

What is it like on a Sunday morning?

The common theme in all of Trinity's services is that we have some time praying, and further, helped by a preacher, we look into what the Bible said to its original readers, and what that can mean to us today. At the end of the service, Trinity's social, community character becomes especially visible in socialising over coffee and announcements of various things going on.

The informal service has a more modern feel with less obvious structure. The music isn't hip-hop or gangsta rap (well, exceptions may prove the rule...) but it's recognisable as a popular Christian music style with a live worship band of guitars, keyboard and singers, with strong spiritual themes. Often used songwriters include Matt Redmon, Hillsong Music etc., with the occasional classic hymn as well.

The unusual isn't unusual in informal services, particularly in the 'all age' service - aiming to include all from 99 to 2 years old, and we've seen tents built in the church, time traveling scientists appearing with a bang and many, many stories involving sheep.... (our Chaplain is from New Zealand).

We hope the informal service is relatively interesting and free, feeling more natural to people who aren't used to traditional church.

The traditional service makes a more use of spoken liturgies from service books - words we all join in with together; more frequently we have Communion; more of the songs we sing are hymns - ancient ones like "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound", or rousing classics from Charles Wesley, but also recently written hymns by people like Graham Kendrick, who's still writing today. There is singing together and meditational moments of silence and peaceful music.  

This service offers the beauty of ancient patterns, more classic and gentler melodies. It appeals to many people old and young, and we even see that there are some people seeking God for the first time who like this service more than the informal service. So the traditional service isn't a self-centred tradition.

Variety in unity

Most Christians have a church background, a set of experiences which they find 'normal' when they arrive in Eindhoven and come to Trinity. Trinity doesn't offer everyone's ideal Sunday morning every Sunday. Still it would be a huge pity to just skip church for half the Sunday mornings in a year; God's life-breathing words change us for the better, we find fellowship, we can link in to the rich wider life around the church. If anyone doesn't like one or the other style, here is an offering from one of our congregation - a reflection on how to get the best out of church styles that don't suit us!

The regular pattern of Sunday morning services can be found on the services page.