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Love is a Verb

Understanding the Bible despite our culture

There is a DCTalk song from more than a decade ago with the title “Luv is a Verb”. It points to the fact that love is something to be acted out rather than felt, that it is not what the TV portrays but what the Bible talks about, what God shows us most of all in His actions. 

Love is talked about all around us, in both the world and the church. But do we really grasp how fundamentally different the Biblical idea of love is from that of the world around us? And does our Western culture in particular make it difficult for us to understand how we are to love in a Biblical way?

Cell Leadership - Leading Well

...and how everyone can be good cell group members

Cell Leaders - Serving as Good Shepherds

Recently at a cell leaders training cell leaders and potential leaders considered what was involved in leading a cell. Looking to the model of Jesus rather than the world we thought about what was involved in being a ‘good shepherd’ to a cell group. We took the functions of a good shepherd as described in Francis’ sermon on 3rd May, to gather, feed and protect and thought about how these functions could be fulfilled by the good shepherds of our cell groups. We came up with the following lists of what was involved in each area of service.

A Story by Johnna !

This article is a contribution from Johnna Stein. Johnna, her husband Frank, and their children Olivia and Jan were TCE members for many years.  Johnna was the founder of KidZchurch as we know it now. She also preached several times in our Oase services. 

The Steins – all of them – were involved in many Trinity activities. They decided to leave the Netherlands a couple of years ago. At present they live in Alpharetta in Georgia USA. 

In an email message Johnna said: 

“I have spent the last year pursuing a writing career. I've learned loads and have been paid for three articles so far that will be published in 2009.