Council Away Day

Francis Noordanus

On Saturday 6 September the Church Council spent a day away to grow as a team and look at some matters that would benefit from attention outside a monthly meeting.  We gathered at De Schaapskooi, a Christian owned facility in Vessem made available for retreats and away days.  The day was mild and calm.    

Arul Shalom got us going with a Bible character based communication exercise.  Then we took time to look at getting more of an understanding on council’s role.  This has been raised in  questions at the AGM in April so this was the opportunity to walk through it together.

After lunch I brought two sessions on understanding how church families works with reference to anxiety and how we process it.  The photos show us focused on the topic!


The day ended with a bar-b-que outside and being joined by family members who could come.  The BBQ itself overheated somewhat and caught fire causing some concern.  A few meat patties were extra well done!  Around 8:00p.m. we packed up and headed back to our homes.

I was pleased with this opportunity to talk betond the usual matters that fill our agendas.

The photos show us at lunch without family members who came later for dinner.