Deanery Meetings

Francis Noordanus

Once every two months the clergy (Anglican Pastors/Chaplains of the Netherlands) meet for prayer, news, discussion, planning and reflection.  Once a year they come to Eindhoven.  On Thursday 11 September, Barbara and I travelled up to Voorschoten near Leiden, for the first Deanery meeting after the summer.   Some topics for discussion that reflect the general theme, were: What should one charge for weddings and funerals? and what might we call new Anglican churches that still lack a constitution and chaplain and how can they be legally established?

Four hours return travel is a long time to travel so the meetings make the most of the opportunity.  The afternoon is taken up ‘Iron sharpens Iron’ as we consider matters of ministry relevant to us in our setting.  

This photo shows last week’s gathering which was one of the largest ever.