Prayer Ministry Training

Francis Noordanus

 Prayer Ministry Training

On two Saturday afternoons in February, Barbara and I enjoyed leading sessions training members of the Indian Community on how to pray with others.  These events were hosted in the home of Bala and Helen and involved about a dozen people.  Child care had been organised - Thank you Nathan!  

The training followed what the late John Wimber had recommended as necessary and essential for Holy Spirit led ministry:  "We need a Theology, a Model and Practice."  Each session had these three elements but the practice is now ongoing.

One highlight for me was demonstrating the model of prayer when the group could see a volunteer being touched by the Spirit of God as people prayed for him.  This illustrated beautifully what John Wimber had also taught, that keeping our eyes open enables us to see what God is doing in the room.

This training has been offered before in Trinity Church and I am looking forward to offering it again in the near future.