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Baptism Preparations in March

 Baptism Preparations in March

One of the privileges of my role is preparing adults for baptism.  Adults come with stories of their journey to faith in Christ and I get to hear them as we sit to prepare for baptism.  Those stories are rooted in places around the world that lead to Eindhoven and the request to be baptised in Trinity Church.

Visiting Peter Wallace

On a warm Saturday in January, Barbara and I spent a day with Peter Wallace on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.  As Peter participated and contributed so much during his few years in Trinity I thought there would be interest in an update about this passionate musician who discovered worship among us.

Peter is currently undergoing treatment for bowel cancer with a good prognosis once the surgery is completed.  Heath allowing, he is currently still playing dance music at various venues and performs with Helen, a singer and support during his recuperation.

Christmas Outreach Event By Indian Friends At TCE

Through recent weeks there has been much creative energy going into the preparation of the second Christmas Celebration Outreach to the Indian presence in the wider region by Indian members of Trinity Church.  The church building was well used and richly decorated for the event.  What impressed me was that everyone in the Trinity Indian Community took part.  The participation of children was impressive.  Many talents were drawn upon including the Indian speciality of group dancing in which everyone could take part.