Chaplain's Comment

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Remembrance Weekend in Sittard

 Remembrance Weekend in Sittard

Inner Healing Seminar With Lin Button

On Sunday 12 October Lin Button spoke and ministered in Trinity Church on some themes of inner healing and how to minister from these insights.   In the morning she spoke in the Sunday morning service while through the afternoon she led two sessions focused on how the sense of self develops in early life.  From here there was opportinity to pray into the ways in which our sense of self was undermined in early life.

Our Card for Bishop Robert

The recent Archdeaconry Synod held near Gent between 2nd and 4th October provided the opportunity to present our new Bishop with a card signed by many members of our congregation.  The large card featured purple tulips and brought a message of congratulations with an invitation to visit Trinity Church.   This had been signed and annotated by many people over a church lunch on Sunday 28 September.