Chaplain's Comment

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Deanery Meetings

Once every two months the clergy (Anglican Pastors/Chaplains of the Netherlands) meet for prayer, news, discussion, planning and reflection.  Once a year they come to Eindhoven.  On Thursday 11 September, Barbara and I travelled up to Voorschoten near Leiden, for the first Deanery meeting after the summer.   Some topics for discussion that reflect the general theme, were: What should one charge for weddings and funerals? and what might we call new Anglican churches that still lack a constitution and chaplain and how can they be legally established?

An Indian Milestone Celebration

On Saturday 30 August a small milestone was marked and celebrated within our church community.  It was five years and about 50 gathering for what is referred to as ‘The Indian Cell’.  So time was taken on a Saturday evening on 30 August to tell the story, count the blessings and give God glory for all that has happened and the growth of fellowship.

Special honour was expressed to Helen and Bala who played a leading role in the foundation and nurture of the group.  They were individually presented with gifts prepared for them.

How Does Trinity Church Work?

How Does Trinity Church Work?

A brief explanation of how Trinity Church Eindhoven operates,

prepared by Pastor Francis Noordanus, January 2014.