Chaplain's Comment

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Preparing All Age Services for Trinity Church

 Preparing an All-Age-Service for a Second Sunday

Prepared by Francis Noordanus

June 2012


Making a Baptism Pool

Trinity Church needed an easy to setup baptism pool which could be used for baptisms in services — here's how we made one without breaking the bank or flooding the church!

The Requirements:

A baptism pool that:

The Challenge Of Freedom

The Challenges of Freedom.

Today was very special day for us as a church. How often do churches move from one worship venue to another? How often do churches move from a setting rented per part-day to one that is theirs 24/7? How often do churches begin a Sunday morning in one building and end in another? How often are church communities blessed almost simultaneously both by their old host landlord and their new one? I don't know but all this happened for us today and I am celebrating.