Chaplain's Comment

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Checking Our Assumptions

Dear Friends,

In the early 1990s a church member where I was serving at that time devised a logo which became a poster, then bumper sticker and then a T shirt design. It offered a piece of wisdom in road-sign format about every encounter in life that is increasingly relevant especially in our multi cultural church. In this article I want to lay out why we are the sort of church we are assuming as little as possible. Really deconstructing what we know as church down to absolute zero may be possible but should hopefully not be necessary. I will start with Jesus.

While there are various valid ways of being and doing the work of Church they must derive their existence from Jesus, known to history as 'Jesus of Nazareth' and to those who believe as 'The Lord'. The words and actions of Jesus in the Bible provide the vision and inspiration for people to be 'church' or 'called out' to be His people. The biblical account of Jesus life and work along with His ongoing work and presence through the Holy Spirit continue to give rise to the existence of a church now in every part of the world.