Current Opportunities To Serve

Whether you intend to be here for a few months or many years there are always opportunities to serve.  Your gifts and serving heart may bless the life and ministry of our Church now.  Please consider the following areas that need help and make contact with the relevant contact person for that team.  The contact people’s details can be found in the church directory or you may find them over coffee on Sunday morning. Or, if you wish to contact them by e-mail, please go to the contact form and choose the respective team(s) from the 'category' drop down picklist.

Team Role Urgency   Contact
 KidZchurch  Adult team  Moderate  Marjolijn Croonen
 Créche  Child care  Moderate  Madeleen Wessels
 Welcome &
 Door greet

 Ximena Wessels

Monica Daniel

 Beamer operator  Operating beamer Moderate  Thomas John
 Sound desk  Setup helpers  Moderate  Bobby Daniel
 Scripture readers  Reader  Moderate  Manju Sara Jacob
 1 Tim 4 Twelve  Adult team leader  Moderate  Barbara Noordanus

 Last update: June 2017