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Maps Part 4, Christian and Pagan

Recorded on Sunday, October 24, 2010

In this fourth and final message on how Christian faith contrasts with Pagan faith Francis looks at Jesus' well known story of two men who went to pray.  He explores how two people, both with righteousness on their mind relate to God so differently because of their different appreciation of what God values from them.  Yahweh's words through Isaiah are drawn on to show that even long before Jesus, God had been trying to shake people out of pagan thinking and honour the ethical dimensions of worshipping a God of Rightoeusness.  Finally, What does this mean to us?

Maps Part 3, Christian and Pagan

Recorded on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ludiger was an early evangelist to the Frisian people of the northern lowlands in the late eigth century.  His encounter with a pagan poet provides the springboard for a reflection on how Pagans and Christians consider God in different ways.  The pagan perspective continues both outside and inside the Christian Church today.  In this third sermon of the series Francis contrasts the search for the blessing of God's Hands with the blessings of his Face and the search for what God can do with the recognition of what God has done.

Maps Part 2, Christian and Pagan?

Recorded on Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pastor Francis continues to look at ways that some Christians try to live out their baptism with Jesus as the way while navigating by Pagan maps.  Today he contrasts Judeo-Christian views on the nature of the world and the ethical nature of God with those held by Pagans.  Listeners are asked to consider whether their maps might be corrupted or a blend of influences.