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The Central Importance Of Repentance

Recorded on Sunday, March 7, 2010

What would Jesus have said to me in my terible experiences?  What would he have told me to do if he knew my difficulties.  We may well be surprised as were those who had this sort of conversation with Jesus as recorded in Luke chapter 13 vv.1-9.  Jan Waterschoot highlights the clear lines of Jesus' concern and recognises the continuity of his message with the prophetic tradition of Israel.

Of Foxes And Chickens, The Fierceness Of Jesus

Recorded on Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the second Sunday in Lent Francis reflects on four verses of speech from Jesus that open up Jesus' heart and mind for anyone wanting to better know the One they follow as a disciple.  Standing before Jerusalem, Jesus speaks about the dangers people are alerting him to and his own passion for the city that is not ready to receive him.  With references to foxes and chickens he opens up the quality of his determination and his love that can only inspire.

Where To Start Your Spiritual Journey in Life

Recorded on Sunday, February 21, 2010

As Messiah Jesus had the most amazing spiritual journey and it is a journey he calls people to follow him on as disciples.  The first Sunday in Lent this year picks up the journey at the wilderness temptations in Luke 4.  Francis opens this story up to show that the questions Jesus dealt with there are actually  questions everyone needs to deal with whether you take up your cross or not.  If you want a compass for the season of Lent, this will help provide one.