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Where To Start Your Spiritual Journey in Life

Recorded on Sunday, February 21, 2010

As Messiah Jesus had the most amazing spiritual journey and it is a journey he calls people to follow him on as disciples.  The first Sunday in Lent this year picks up the journey at the wilderness temptations in Luke 4.  Francis opens this story up to show that the questions Jesus dealt with there are actually  questions everyone needs to deal with whether you take up your cross or not.  If you want a compass for the season of Lent, this will help provide one.

Final Instructions On Spiritual Worship

Recorded on Sunday, February 7, 2010

Francis ends this series of four talks on spiritual things in worship by considering Paul's summary of his fuller instructions on corporate spiritual worship.  The concerns about the operation of spiritual gifts in the general worship gatherings of the congregation lead to specific instructions on the management of tongues and prophecy.  Francis considers these in light of the whole summary and how that body of instruction needs to be heard in the twenty first century.


The Essential Place Of Love In Spiritual Worship

Recorded on Sunday, January 31, 2010

Francis continues to follow Paul's instruction about spiritual matters to the Corinthians arriving at the well known and cherished passage on love in chapter 13.  Time is taken to show how this is a part of Paul's effort to end spiritual ignorance among the Corinthians and that love is a core dimension of what must be present and freely flowing in any spiritual worship of God in Jesus Christ.  The quality of this essential love is also examined and it is found to be the same love that characterises God's stance towards us.