Sermon Information & Podcasts

There are two ways you can enjoy sermons from Trinity Church, this page provides information on the two methods.

1. Subscribe To Audio Podcast

Click to subscribe to podcast on iTunes

If you would like to conveniently listen to sermons on your iPod (including while not connected to the internet) you can by subscribing to the Trinity Church Eindhoven podcast. Simply click the icon on the left to go to the audio podcast subscribe page in iTunes for the Trinity Church Eindhoven sermon podcast and subscribe.

If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer (Mac or Windows), and you have another podcast client and/or MP3 player you can also subscribe to the audio podcast feed via that client software by typing the link below into the software. Please follow the instructions for your podcast client/MP3 player for how to subscribe to podcasts.

2. Streamed Audio & Downloadable Text

If you would like to listen to streamed audio (requires continual internet connection while listening) and/or you would like to download the text of a sermon you can do so also.

For the audio you will need to have the free Adobe Flash player installed on your computer. The player will possibly already be installed, if you see an error on a sermon page that Flash is not available then you can visit the Adobe site to download the free Flash player software.

For the text you will need the free Adobe Reader software, or other software which can open Adobe Acrobat files, installed on your computer. Macintosh computers already have necessary software installed during setup. If you need Acrobat Reader you can visit the Adobe site to download the free reader software. Proceed to the sermons list page.



(Please note: Links to external sites does not mean that Trinity Church Eindhoven endorses those companies/sites. Any software is installed at your own risk.)