Jesus Stretches Faith

Sermon of Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preacher: Francis Noordanus

Scriptures: Mark 5:21-43


In the spring I had an adventure in prayer. I was sitting in my study beginning a time of prayer when the thought came to me that I should ask the Lord about what I should pray for. So I did. “Lord what would you have me pray about?” In the same instant that I offered that prayer a single word with a download of insight filled my mind. The word I heard was “Instrument” and the understanding was that I should pray to be an instrument. This is not totally new or original but it came with such a sense of Holy Spirit ‘breath’ that I know it was from the Lord. So for a while I dug into that prayer. “Lord make me your instrument.” “I want to be your instrument.” Take me from using you to reach my ends to being used by you to bring about your agenda. The time since then....

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