Jesus: Lion or Pussy Cat?

Sermon of Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preacher: Francis Noordanus

Scriptures: Mark 8:22-9:10


On the second Sunday of Lent Francis takes Mark's story about blindness and half sightedness as a springboard into the key issue of the gospel so far, Who is Jesus?  As we walk through five short episodes there is a struggle to be seen between Jesus and his followers represented in Peter whether Jesus get to be who he says he is meant to be or is contained within the preferences of those who would love him but at the cost of his calling and destiny.   This struggle continues today withing the church as Jesus is so often domesticated to the needs and preferences of his would-be disciples.   

For this sermon there is only a sound track and one image used to illustrate the issue raised in the final application and message.

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