Church Survey

Every year, over two Sundays in November/December, we survey who is in the Trinity Church congregation. This reveals who we really are in all our diversity.


The last survey at the end of 2012 shows, for example, that a third of the church is under 18, and we come from more than 31 different countries, almost 20% from Africa and almost 20% from Asia. Though only 20% of the adults are born in the Netherlands just over half of us can speak Dutch.  Just over half of the adults are in small groups and two thirds of us serve in our church in some way. We come from many different sorts of churches and only a quarter of us come from Anglican style church backgrounds.

Each year we include a comparison of the results from previous years (when questions have been included over several years). This tells us, for example, that our congregation has grown by 23% since the end of 2010 and that the percentage of employed adults working in the technical sphere has been decreasing in the last few years.

For the full comparative survey results you can read the PDF file here.