KidZchurch is an exciting and important part of Trinity Church! 

KidZchurch having fun

KidZchurch have services every Sunday at the same time as the adults, and all children are part of it as a single large group. We enjoy worship using modern and child-friendly worship songs, and then move to learning through Bible reading, drama (often participative), quizzes and discussion together. All these aspects of the service teaches and opens up the topic of the day. Then we split into smaller groups divided by age-ranges to look more at applying the lessons and understandings practically.

The KidZchurch team (at summer 2009 consisting of seven adults aged between 25 and 65) meets regularly to pray and plan together, relying on God in helping us to lead these young people.  Our focus is to help children to know the Living God and to be in relationship with Him.  In doing so, we as leaders have great fun, deepen in our own walk with God, and enjoy our life as a team.  

For our service plans sometimes we use Christian programmes professionally made and commercially available, but we also often make our own service plans, based on the values listed in the section 'Values' below.

KidZchurch has been an integral part of Trinity Church Eindhoven's congregational life for many years, and we look forward to the future continuing to welcome new young Trinity KidZchurch members — which looks not to be slowing down as babies continue to be born regularly to church families!


Our vision is to “make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ” through services which are relevant to young children, services which they enjoy, teaching that they can understand and which helps them apply the lessons learned in their own, modern and child-centred lives.  

To be a children’s church where children will experience

  • The transforming power of biblical teaching at work in their lives.
  • Opportunities to develop and express themselves in prayer and praise.
  • Respect for children’s views and experiences through love and understanding.
  • A safe, positive, fun and stimulating environment.
  • Active involvement in using their gifts and talents to enhance services and to glorify God.
  • Being part of God’s family.


The KidZchurch team is accountable to the Chaplain and Child Safety Officer.


These are the factors that we think are important in how KidZchurch runs and how we work this out in practical ways (especially for the 4-11 year olds).

KidZchurch values creating services, which are biblically-based and experienced through worship and prayer.

We will have at least one central Bible verse on which the theme of the service is based.  We will encourage the children to learn this key verse.  The Bible will be visible, physically read out of and prominent in each service.  All that we do will be based on the truth of God’s word.  All aspects of being Church will be brought into KidZchurch.  Thus we will spend time in corporate worship and prayer as well as individual prayer.  Individual prayer will be encouraged in the small group time.  We will use a prayer book for children to write down their prayer requests, to encourage the children to pray for each other.  One of our major goals is that children will learn to pray in a natural way to their Heavenly Father.  The Lord’s Prayer will be read/said regularly in the services. We will aim to take the children into the Chapel Communion service once a month on the 4th Sunday of every month.  We aim to have special services regularly (perhaps twice yearly) offering the children a chance to take a decision to follow Christ in their own lives (but in doing this we are very careful to avoid putting them under any kind of pressure either directly or indirectly).

KidZchurch values the perspectives, views and experiences of children in planning services.

Services will be planned with a child’s perspective in mind.  We will try to include relevant subjects with which they are familiar and use these in presenting the message using a variety of media e.g. drama, music, DVDs, storytelling etc.  Most importantly we will make the Bible message relevant to the children and show how they can use it in everyday life at home and school.

KidZchurch values safety and fun.

We highly value a safe environment for children.  We will establish a set of rules in partnership with the children in the form of a charter.  We will regularly bring the children’s attention to the charter pointing out why we have certain safety rules.  Children must also feel safe spiritually to open up and share what is on their hearts and know what they say remains confidential (when necessary parents can be contacted).  Fun is an important element to children.  Children will really be able to own the message of the day if they have fun, laugh and are able to participate in the service.  Having fun breaks down any barriers that may be there and allows their hearts to be open to God.

KidZchurch values expressing and receiving Christ-like love for one another.

We will encourage the children to show acceptance and forgiveness to one another.  This will be achieved by giving respect and listening to each other.  Children need to learn how to say sorry and learn to forgive.  Leaders will also exhibit and express forgiveness, acceptance and patience with the children.  

KidZchurch values and encourages the use of spiritual gifts and talents.

We will work towards involving the children in every aspect of the service.  We will try to identify children’s giftings and interests.  We will allow them to participate as much as possible.   We will create a planning board with a sign up sheet for the children to indicate where or how they wish to serve.  We will try to involve the children in aspects such as welcoming new children, reading the bible, operating the CD player, drama, leading the worship in song and tidying up.

KidZchurch will work towards developing a sense of belonging and being part of God’s family.

We will have regular social events to provide the opportunity for the children to get to know each other better.